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  • Improved area and file format parsing
  • Better logging support and error reporting
  • Added support for GeoJSON, shapefile and CSV imports
  • Added new aoi statistics support tool for stats export
  • Major overall improvements and updates


  • Better site parsing
  • Better error handling for Download
  • Increase wait time for download to 2 minutes


  • Better error handling and now users user agent.
  • Download tool for system polygon now creates a user copy to allow for all file types.


  • Better handles stats request.
  • Prints info if AOI exceeds 100 sqkm.


  • Uses requests head to estimate zip completion for download.
  • Added option to download data in specific format kml,geojson,shp or gpkg.
  • Improved notification for download tool


  • Added auto version check to the tool.
  • Added a web based readme site for the tool for ease of use.


  • Captures products available for download for parsing product type.
  • For now chooses default product type only.
  • Product download is more graceful since it checks product UUID and type before download per AOI.


  • Added aoi-delete capability along with create using GeoJSON and unique name check.
  • Added local timestamp based unique name generator to AOI stats tool and checks to see if mapped area.
  • Stability test across python3.6 to 3.9 and for all OS types built into CI
  • Updated docs and code cleanup.

Last update: 2023-10-22
Created: 2021-05-17